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Dr. Cooley and Dr. Sugihara
Doug Hamilton, James Sugihara, and Professor Dennis Cooley. Sugihara and Cooley had just finished being interviewed about the inaugural Phi Kappa Phi Distinguished Emeritus Award. The award was given to Sugihara at a reception that also celebrated his 100th birthday and contributions to NDSU.
Fargo History Project Addition
The Digital History class created a series of walking/driving tours of Fargo Moorhead.
Eastern Europe and Russia
The writings of Danilo Kiš illuminate the human costs of fascism and Stalinism. Dr. John K. Cox explores them in his research on the intellectual and political history of Serbia and Hungary.
2018 FHP Documentary
Click to see the latest Fargo History Project Documentary.
Asian History
Examine the effects of European imperialism and trace the rise of Asia's global influence with Dr. Tracy Barrett.
Latin American History
Dr. Benton's research explores the collision of Spanish and indigenous cultures in colonial Mexico.
Fargo History Project Documentary
Dr. Angela Smith's current research looks at Melvina Massey, and African-American prostitute who lived and worked in Fargo between 1886 and 1911.
Environmental History
The complex relationships between human cultures and the natural resources that surround them are central to Dr. Mark Harvey’s teaching of environmental history and the American West.

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