Spring 2016 Course Offerings

The Department of History has a variety of courses offered next semester.

HIST 135. Race in U.S. History. 3 Credits.
The historical development of racism and racial ideas and the interactions among Native Americans, European-Americans, and groups of various races from pre-contact to the present.
Dr. Baggett

HIST 254. The United States in the Long 1960s. 3 Credits.
This course examines the major social, cultural, economic, and political changes within American society and the United States from 1956 to 1974.
Dr. Harvey

HIST 270. American Religious History. 3 Credits.
Introduction to the basic issues in American history including the study of Puritans, immigration, church and state, revivalism, civil and military religion, apocalypticism, and new age religion.

HIST 271. Introduction to Latin American History. 3 Credits.
Study of important social, economic, and cultural developments in Latin American history. Emphasizes the socio-economic and cultural topical developments and the political and international factors influencing the region.
Dr. Benton

HIST 352. Museum Collections Management. 3 Credits.
This course focuses on the fundamental principles of museum collections management, registration, and preservation issues in museums through lectures, hands-on practice, and field trips. Prereq: HIST 251.
Susan Curtis, Collections Manager at the Emily Reynolds Collection

HIST 381. Australia & New Zealand. 3 Credits.
Comprehensive, but not exhaustive, historical comparison of Australia and New Zealand with emphasis on formation of national identity(ies). Organized topically to facilitate comparisons.
Dr. Isern

HIST 390. Historical Research and Writing. 3 Credits.
Techniques and skills of historical research and writing. Includes researching in libraries and archives, constructing thesis statements, outlining papers, building logical arguments, writing clear and concise English, using primary sources, footnoting, and copyediting. Prereq: ENGL 120, junior standing.
Dr. Isern

HIST 391. History of Global Islam.
Dr. Blankenship

HIST 391. History of Judaism.
Dr. Burt

HIST 399. Special Topics for Public History: Oral History Theory and Practice. 3 Credits.
Dr. Smith

HIST 403. Archival Preservation. 3 Credits.
This course examines the history, theory and practice of archival preservation, which includes the preservation of manuscripts, photographs, audio-visual and electronic records.
Michael Robinson, Trista Raezer-Sturza

HIST 421. U.S. History 1763-1829. 3 Credits.
Revolutionary and early national periods of American history.
Dr. Johnson

HIST 422. U.S. History 1829-1917 I. 3 Credits.
Political, social, and economic history of the United States 1829-1877; emphasizing socioeconomic change, the Sectional Crisis, the Civil War, and Reconstruction.
Dr. Baggett

HIST 434. Environmental History. 3 Credits.
Traces the changing relationship between human cultures and the natural world through time, mainly in North America. Examines the causes and consequences of major changes to landscapes and plant and animal species and ecosystems, analyzes the emergence of the conservation and environmental movements, identifies shifts in environmental thought, and traces the development of environmental laws and policies. {Also offered for graduate credit – see HIST 634.}.
Dr. Harvey

HIST 450. Ancient History. 3 Credits.
Cultural, political, economic, and social history of the ancient Near East, Greece, and Rome.
Dr. Burt

HIST 467. History Of Russia II. 3 Credits.
Cultural, diplomatic, intellectual, and political history of Russia and the Soviet Union; agriculture, industry, Marxism in Russia, revolution of 1905 and 1917, and the Soviet Union from Lenin to present.
Dr. Cox

HIST 473. Colonial Mexico. 3 Credits.
Study of the important social, economic, political, and cultural developments in Mexican history from the pre-Columbian epoch through the wars for independence, ending in 1821.
Dr. Benton

HIST 482. Vietnam: 125 Years of Conflict. 3 Credits.
The history of Vietnam from the 1850s to the present focusing on French colonial rule, American involvement in the region, revolutionary warfare, and Vietnam’s emergence as an autonomous, independent state.
Dr. Barrett

HIST 489. Senior Seminar. 3 Credits.
Capstone experience focused on understanding major concepts and applying knowledge of basic methods and problems. Students evaluate secondary literature, conduct primary research, and master standard forms of historical writing. Prereq: HIST 390.
Dr. Barrett

HIST 491. War and Society. 3 Credits
Dr. Johnson